5 Best Ski Suits Reviews 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

Before even planning your mountain vacation and thinking about skiing, first take the time to choose a wetsuit that will be particularly suited to this practice. Indeed, this outfit has been specially designed to adapt to extreme conditions. However, here you are in store and totally lost in the multitude of offers there. Although aestheticism seems to speak to you, the technical side is completely unknown to you. It is for this reason that you must first inform yourself about the fit and seams, the insulation and the breathability of the product, before making any purchase. To avoid wasting time, you can then directly take a look at the Ynsport Crefeak 0921which is made entirely of polyester to protect against moisture while being comfortable. The Columbia Snuggly Bunny Bunting is also recommended to protect your children from bad weather and impact.

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5 Best Ski Poles Reviews 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

Recommended products

Ynsport Crefeak 0921

In order to find the right equipment for the activity you plan to do, it is important to determine what is the best ski suit on the market. To do this, we offer this article which is made mainly of polyester and has a PVC coating. A design that allows it to fully resist water to a depth of 8 meters.

In addition, it is a model for women which is designed to optimize your comfort, while avoiding the problems of irritation. Indeed, it is equipped with a flexible mesh layer at the level of the lining which reinforces the breathability of your skin. In addition, it dries very quickly to avoid feelings of discomfort.

If you inspect this suit, you will see that there is a removable rim that helps protect you from wind, sun and water. You also have a large pocket for storing your small accessories. The pants have ventilation holes to reinforce air circulation. Not to mention the elastic bands at the wrist to prevent the sleeves from going up. The icing on the cake is a combination that can be worn in activities other than skiing.

The Pros

Quality: The best performing suit will be the most reliable in its design. This model can be considered as such thanks to the materials adopted for its creation improving its resistance against external factors.

Comfortable: This item is selected in this ranking because it has a skin-friendly lining, while its drying is also very fast.

Full Design: Built-in brim helps to enhance your protection when wearing the suit. The ventilation is also optimized with the ventilation cavities integrated on the pants.

The Cons

Tight: This jumpsuit would be twice the size of the normal size.

Columbia Snuggly Bunny Bunting

This combination is ideal for introducing your little girl to the pleasures of winter activities. This model is available for babies from 3 to 24 months. Its design benefits from the know-how of its manufacturers, which makes it possible to strengthen the protection of young users. Indeed, its fabric is designed with water-repellent and stain-resistant Omni-Shield technology.

This system reinforces the “windproof” and waterproof capacity of this garment. The creation of this combination combines softness and comfort. Indeed, it is provided with a micropolar fabric lining. That’s not all, because this model also has 60/40 duck down insulation to effectively protect your child from the cold.

Many parents decide to buy this item because its cut is well thought out so that your cherub can put it on and take it off easily. The hands and arms also feature cuffs that are designed to be foldable to ensure heat does not escape. Its zip designed with a diagonal shape brings even more to its aesthetics.

The Pros

High quality: Several buyers claim that this model was designed by the best brand of ski suits. And for good reason, its fabric benefits from advanced technology that allows it to provide optimal protection during the winter season.

Comfortable: Buyers who have had the opportunity to compare this garment are won over by the high performance lining and insulation adopted by the brand to optimize the well-being of wearers.

The Cons

Limited in size: Without finding any fault with this product, parents only regret that it is not available in larger sizes to follow the growth of their child.

HAGOR blue

If you take a little time to think about the criteria for this product, you will be convinced that it is the best ski suit on the market. To begin with, the manufacture of this garment respects the standards of the armed forces. This is what allows it to withstand all the vagaries of the weather.

The brand has combined a water-resistant textile with synthetic fur to enhance the quality of this item. She also added hollow fibers to the padding. All of these materials ensure the consistency of body heat despite extreme conditions. It is the ideal equipment if you have to deal with cold and high winds.

To keep you warm and protect you from the elements, this men’s outfit has a hood. It also has a two-way zipper to make use more convenient. Also note that this combination can be worn for other activities that are done outdoors.

The Pros

High performance: No more wasting your time wondering which ski combination to choose. Indeed, this article benefits from a high compliance with standards, to testify to its reliability to be used on winter activities.

Superior Materials: If buyers were satisfied with the first test on this product, it is because it has components that are carefully selected to ensure its resistance to cold, wind and snow.

The Cons

Large: Several buyers claim that the jumpsuit was very large compared to the size they usually took.

PM LB1217

Children are more sensitive to the cold during the winter period, hence the importance of choosing the right outfit to wear outside. We took care to present this model which is made mainly in nylon and which has a good seal. In addition, its manufacturers have used polyester in the lining to improve convenience in use.

Admittedly, it is not easy to know how to choose the best ski suits of 2021. However, this article stands out for its quality of design which improves the safety of your child. It is composed of a fleece lining, which serves to maintain body heat, and a removable hood. The waist belt also reinforces the fit.

You will also notice the presence of a wide regulation which ensures the breathability of this outfit. The cuff has an elastic to prevent cold penetration. In addition, the brand has integrated a closure at the crotch to simplify use.

The Pros

Quality: The manufacture of this product meets the demands of customers who are still confused about where to buy the best ski suit. Precisely, this model consists only of quality materials.

Comfortable: The majority of buyers’ opinions are in favor of this item since it allows children to stay warm in all circumstances thanks to the fleece lining.

Versatile: This outfit is designed primarily to be worn during snow activities. However, it can also be used for horseback riding or hiking.

The Cons

A little heavy: This combination would not be light enough for users’ tastes.

Optimum O001

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to buy a ski suit for your boy. We chose this inexpensive outfit because it is easily affordable and the quality is there. Indeed, its manufacture respects the imposed standards and effectively retains body heat during the coldest days.

It is an all-in-one garment that is coated with nylon to improve its waterproofness. Its weight is also well thought out so that it can be carried comfortably. To simplify removal, the brand has integrated a zipper on the front of this outfit. In addition, it has a wide collar that can be easily folded according to the requirements of use.

Apart from the design quality, this product also benefits from a good workmanship which ensures its durability. Moreover, the cut is well made to improve the fit and strengthen the well-being of your child.

The Pros

Affordable: This is a boy’s jumpsuit, maybe cheaper than others, but made to meet safety standards. It allows you to stay warm even if the outside temperature is very low.

Practicality: Your child will have no trouble putting on and taking off this suit thanks to the design of its closure. In addition, its weight is well thought out to avoid inconvenience.

The Cons

Unreliable closure: Some customers had noticed that the closure gradually unraveled from the first use.

How to choose a good ski suit?

To find out how to buy a better value for money ski suit, find our advice using the criteria developed in the following paragraphs. These include factors like waterproofing, breathability and insulation to consider when choosing a suit. Based on these criteria you will avoid many unpleasant surprises when you find yourself in the snow.

Purchase guide


If you want to avoid feeling moisture through your clothes during your skiing activities, be sure to choose a suit with a high waterproof rating. So before identifying where to buy a new ski suit, find out about this detail.

It is to know that for a maximum of protection, there is an index of impermeability to respect. The unit of measurement is usually the Schmerber mm. For good water resistance, the ideal value for a ski suit is 20,000mm Schmerber. This value should be higher for the pants than for the jacket in order to protect the lower part of your body, which will often be in contact with the slush.


It should be remembered that humidity is extremely detrimental to comfort. And it is not always caused by snow. Indeed, by dint of doing physical activities, you end up sweating. And to keep you dry, sweat needs to be wicked away efficiently. That’s why breathability is one of the criteria in our buying guide for the best ski suits.

Note that the unit of measure for breathability is grs / m² / 24H. For the humidity to circulate perfectly, it is therefore necessary that the grs be high and that it is around 8000 grs / m² / 24H. Now you know what to look for when browsing a price comparison.


It is important that the snow does not penetrate the fabric and that the sweat comes out. In addition, you must also prevent the cold wind from freezing you. And it should be noted that even if the criteria of impermeability and breathability are met by the suit you have under your eyes, the insulation remains to be checked.

In general, all ski clothing is automatically insulating, but if you often go skiing at heights around 2800 m above sea level, this may not be enough. This is why the presence of a windproof membrane is important. So check if your outfit has this membrane on its surface, before proceeding to its purchase.

How to use a ski suit?

A ski suit is a very practical item to prevent snow from seeping into your outfit when you fall. This is the reason why you bought it. The next step is to use it well so that it can last for several ski seasons. In case you ignore the steps to ensure such a result, take a look at the different paragraphs below.

Read the label

The first thing to do before doing anything with your wetsuit is to inform yourself about its characteristics and the recommendations for use given by the manufacturers. It should be remembered that it is the latter who know best the product you have in your hands. So the least thing would be to take this information into account. In this sense, read all the details mentioned on the label.

Wear it the right way

To prevent moisture from being retained in the fabric of your clothing and underwear, avoid wearing those made of cotton fabric. This material, although comfortable, retains moisture. So once you’ve put on your underwear and top, put on your ski suit on top. Start by pushing your legs into the base and then your arms into the sleeves. Make sure there are no folds and uncomfortable parts before closing the main zipper.

Clean your wetsuit properly

By dint of falling in the snow and sweating in your outfit, it is normal for it to get dirty in the end. A cleaning is then necessary. To do this, you can wash your wetsuit by hand just as you can in the machine. For the hand-held option, use hot water, liquid detergent, and a nail brush to scrub away stubborn stains. When you drain it, do not wring the laundry, but just press it a few times. When it comes to machine cleaning, go for a low intensity program. Then simply dry it in the open air.

Check if it can still protect you

Apart from the fact that a ski suit serves to cover the body, it should also keep you dry. Here it is mainly a question of whether your outfit can protect you against slush or not. To find out, take this little test. This involves pouring a drop of water on the surface of the garment. If it continues to bead and then slips, this means that the impermeability is still present. In the event that she passes out to enter the tissue. Consider re-waterproofing your suit.

Waterproof it

It is normal that after a few washes, the waterproofness of a wetsuit disappears. Do not panic. There is a solution to this problem: use waterproofing. Before doing this operation, it is important that the suit is clean. Then spray the waterproofer all over the surface or add it to your garment’s rinse solution when rinsing. The method of use varies depending on the waterproofing product you have chosen. But in any case, avoid those that leave a film on the surface of the fabric.

Most popular brands

You would like to purchase a ski suit, because such an outfit will protect you from the infiltration of snow into your clothes. Moreover, you have already informed yourself about the characteristics to take into account when choosing the model. But you don’t want to waste time. You need something that is really reliable. This is why you want to know the leading brands in this field. Well, we have done this job for you and all you have to do is choose from the ones on offer.

The Peak Mountain brand is present in France and in several European countries. This brand specializes in the marketing of sports and winter sports clothing. It has existed since 1975 and continues to offer you the best of its products. It should be noted that in order to maintain a high level of quality in these articles, the brand has set up an infallible selection process. So, whatever your budget, you will be able to benefit from an item that meets the technical criteria at Peak Mountain. For your ski suit for example, you can trust the brand with its wide range of products.

In order to offer you quality products at affordable prices, the Givova brand collaborates with several fashion houses. This is the method that the brand has chosen to allow you to access very reliable ranges of technical and sporting outfits. It is to know that the fabrics used for the manufacture of these clothes have all the characteristics specific to the sporting activity which you practice. But if Givova has opted for this strategy, it is above all to offer you the best with a controlled price.

The Mountain Warehouse brand strategy is based on exclusivity and customer focus. In relation to this, know that you will not find the brand’s products by going to a sports store. You will only find it in Mountain Warehouse stores, but also on the internet. This is indeed the option chosen by the founder of the brand, Mark Neale, to stay close to his customers and to really understand their needs. This technique works. This is explained by the fact that the brand has been able to develop innovative solutions in its products using this method. All this, by offering very competitive prices.

The objective of Trespass is to offer everyone the opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities in the best possible conditions. But that wouldn’t be possible without good equipment. In relation to this, the brand has developed various technical equipment suitable for all ages and for all levels. In particular, you will be able to discover waterproof items such as jackets, coveralls or dungarees. All of them can provide you with all the comfort you are looking for. In addition, the brand has made sure to provide you with a range of products with different price brackets.

The raison d’être of the Ultrasport brand is to make you experience incredible sports moments, but also and above all to make you discover the outdoors. This is why the brand has specialized in these areas. In this regard, know that Ultrasport has already produced more than 1,100 products belonging to various outdoor activities and different sports while keeping a high level of quality. This was made possible thanks to the seriousness that the brand invests in the creation of each product. In addition, the brand called on inspection bodies to assess the quality of its products. As a result, they deduced that the requirements are well met by Ultrasport.

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