5 of the Best Ski Helmets Reviews 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

Wearing a helmet is no longer only recommended, but required when skiing. Indeed, it makes it possible to guarantee the safety of the wearer in the event of an accident or fall. This is why it is essential to choose this equipment with great care. To do this, we recommend that you consider the size, ventilation, comfort as well as the visor, before choosing a particular model. Once this has been done, you may be interested in some of the products on our list, including the Bollé Backline Visor . It appeals to buyers for its high quality of design which enhances your protection. It also stands out for its panoramic vision technology which strengthens the field of vision. If you want to buy a helmet for your child, then the Alpina Carat Le Visor HMis recommended. It provides maximum comfort and is suitable even for those who wear glasses.

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Recommended products

Bollé Backline Visor

Consult this comparison will allow you to determine which is the best ski helmet on the market. This model seems to be a good option since it has an ABS shell which is appreciated for its robustness and especially its ability to absorb shocks. Also note that it has received certifications namely CE EN1077 and ASTM F2040 which guarantee its ability to be used in due form in skiing.

This helmet from Bollé comes with panoramic vision technology. Therefore, it offers a wider vision and even allows the wearing of prescription glasses. That’s not all, as it features a visor with interchangeable screens. Indeed, the manufacturer offers a yellow visor for cloudy weather and a silver one to protect you from the sun.

In addition, the device comes with an adjustable ventilation system. Thanks to the adopted system, you have the possibility to control the capacity of the air absorbed by this helmet. The “Click to fit” system also helps you adjust the fit with great precision.

The Pros

Quality: Buyers say this model could be the best performer on the market for its high quality ABS construction and the certifications it has achieved.

Complete: By taking an interest in this article, you will no longer wonder which ski helmet to choose since it has visors that you can easily change depending on the weather.

Convenient: The ventilation and size adjustment of this device are easy to achieve for you to enjoy greater comfort in use.

The Cons

Size Issue: Buyers have found that the sizes offered are tighter than normal.

Alpina Carat Le Visor HM

If you are looking for a children’s ski helmet, then we directly offer you this article which is created from expanded polystyrene. This material provides strength and lightness to guarantee the protection of small users.

It is a visor model suitable for wearing additional prescription glasses. You should know that the padding integrated inside is easily removable for ease of maintenance. The manufacturer has also prioritized the comfort of your cherubs thanks to the integrated ventilation system. In addition, it is possible to adjust the helmet to reinforce the support thanks to the “Run System Classic”.

Note that the size of this equipment is adjustable between 54 to 58 cm. Regarding its weight, it weighs a total of 399 g only. However, it does not cause unpleasant sensations even if your child wears it for hours. In addition, the user will stay warm despite the temperature drops thanks to the presence of the neck strap.

The Pros

Reliability: Where to buy the best ski helmet for your child? You don’t need to look any further, because the reliability of this product is confirmed by its polystyrene design.

Convenience: According to the opinions of buyers, this equipment would be compatible with prescription glasses. In addition, it is easily adjusted and has ventilation systems.

Comfortable: The helmet is light to wear. In addition, it keeps children warm while skiing.

The Cons

One size fits all: Parents would have liked it to be available in multiple sizes.

Salomon ICON²

No need to waste time looking for how to choose the best ski helmets for 2021. In this ranking, we offer Salomon ICON², a model for women that stands out for the use of high quality EPS 4 D foam. provides good shock absorption to enhance your safety. In addition, this model complies with the imposed standards.

In use, you can adjust the ventilation system to the 3 positions that are integrated in this equipment. Its size can also be easily adjusted with the dial. Moreover, this article is appreciated since it is suitable for the practice of all activities in the ski area. The supplied bag is useful for transporting it without any constraint.

If you have time to observe this helmet, you will notice the presence of a padding on the chinstrap. These elements make it possible to avoid the risk of irritation. Then, this copy has ear protectors which are removable. Not to mention the cover made of synthetic fur that keeps you warm.

The Pros

Reliability: If this product is included in this classification, it is because of the foam used which helps it to absorb shocks effectively in order to enhance your safety.

Convenient: The ventilation system of this versatile model can be adjusted on three levels to suit the activity you are doing.

Complete creation: To become the best brand of ski helmets, Salomon presents this product which quickly interested several buyers. Indeed, it has fur, chinstrap padding and ear protectors to effectively protect you during your skiing.

The Cons

No visor: Some buyers regretted that the manufacturer did not include a visor on this model.

Scott Tracker 224280

It is interesting to acquire a ski helmet that can also be used for other activities. This is precisely the case with this inexpensive model, which is also suitable for snowboarding. This is a piece of equipment designed in 3 parts. Made from reliable materials, it is sturdy enough to withstand impact.

As a considerable advantage, the model is equipped with a rotary adjustment system “MRAS fit”. Thanks to the latter, you can easily lock the helmet so that it is properly held on your head. Its chin bar is also designed to ensure your comfort in use. Plus, the internal padding is easily removed for cleaning when needed.

Regarding the ventilation process, this article has 11 vents and plugs to regulate air penetration. The chinstrap and ear pads optimize the level of comfort while keeping you from getting cold. You will also appreciate this model if you are looking for an accessory that is discreet, but one that meets your requirements for safety and convenience.

The Pros

Versatile: In case you do not have enough time to compare this product with others, know that it also has the merit of being worn when snowboarding.

Safe to use: Even if it is much cheaper than its colleagues, the manufacturer has integrated a locking system on this article to ensure optimal support.

Comfortable: This device has many vents to strengthen the ventilation in the helmet. The weight of this equipment is also lightened to avoid unpleasant sensations.

The Cons

Large: While wearing this helmet, some skiers have found it to be too large for riders with small heads.


It is true that the best ski helmet is not easy to find, because the offer is very abundant. However, you can save time by focusing on this article. This product is available in several sizes so that all skiers can find the right model. In addition, its characteristics may suit you if you are looking for a men’s copy.

The “Active Venturi” ventilation system is also used to regulate the cooling inside this equipment. This process is useful in avoiding heat build-up problems. Then, the lower edge has a ventilation for the ski goggles. In addition, its 3D shape allows it to suit all head sizes for more support. Lightness is also optimized with its overmolded “In-Mold” structure.

The Pros

Maximized ventilation: Buyers who have been able to test this helmet are convinced of the effectiveness of the integrated ventilation.

Adjustable: The size of this accessory is easily adjusted to fit properly on your head to ensure your protection.

Comfortable: This model stands out for its great lightness which allows you to put it on as long as you want without getting tired.

The Cons

Lack of instructions: The manufacturer had not provided details regarding the maintenance of this helmet.

How to choose a good ski helmet?

Skiing is a sport that you are passionate about, but you also want to have some security when you practice it. This is why you want to buy a helmet. To make a wise choice when buying, follow our advice developed in the following text. More clearly, you will find the criteria to take into account when choosing the product. These are the size, method of maintenance and characteristics specific to the construction of the helmet.

Purchase guide

The size

Before opting for a model, we will first see how to buy a ski helmet that is better value for money by considering the size. The latter is important because you need to feel comfortable with your headgear.

In this buying guide for the best ski helmets, therefore, we will see the size first. In this sense, consider measuring the outline of your head using a tape measure. You will then have a measurement between 50 and 65 cm. From 52 to 56 cm it is a Small size and from 59 to 62.5 cm it is a Large size. As for the average size, it is somewhere between the two.

Maintenance mode

When you analyze the data of a price comparison, another criterion will have to be taken into account. This is the maintenance mode. The complexity of the latter largely depends on the manufacture of the helmet. Normally, the foam liner inside can separate from the set.

It is to know that there are two types of helmets. First of all, models with an internal liner that can be removed, but there are also those that have a liner glued to the shell. The latter is more difficult to clean, because you have to do it directly with the helmet. In the case of single-piece helmets, all you need to do is remove the internal foam to wash it before putting it back into the object.

The other characteristics of the helmet

After going through this article, you can look for where to buy a new ski helmet. But before getting there, one last criterion needs to be analyzed. In reality, these are several features that you should check before purchasing any of these protective accessories: ventilation and weight.

One of these criteria concerns the ventilation offered by the object. This feature will allow the foam to aerate to prevent it from maintaining humidity for too long and therefore generating an unpleasant odor. The following characteristic is related to the weight of the helmet. To avoid as much discomfort as possible, opt for a lightweight model.

How to use a ski helmet?

For maximum protection, it is best to wear a helmet when skiing. Now that you have it, it’s time to handle it properly. If you have any doubts about this step, read our tips below. They will help you better understand everything you need to know about this protective accessory.

Discover the characteristics related to your helmet

Each helmet from each manufacturer has its own particularity. Even though they provide protection for your head against impact, there are some points that make them different from each other. These points relate to their maintenance method, their weaknesses or their instructions for use. So to get to know all this better, start by reading the label of your helmet or the small instructions that come with it. So you will be warned and pay attention to these tips during use.

Check if the helmet is the right size

To make sure the helmet is the right size, check that the strap closes properly and that you don’t feel it being used at your chin bar. If it is larger than expected, wear your beanie indoors. As for wearing the helmet itself, put the hollow shape on your head and then place the foams on your ears before closing the straps under your chin.

Avoid bumping it

As you know so well, the ski helmet is used to protect you from possible shocks when you fall during your sessions. What provides this protection is its hull, which has been worked on by several engineers before finding its way into your hands. But this case could not ensure your safety if it breaks. This does not mean that it is fragile, but if you repeatedly hit the helmet against hard objects, the protection it will give you will be less effective.

Let dry before storing

Not only did the moisture seep into your helmet, you also sweat in it. So before storing it in its cover, remember to dry it first. To do this, just hold it in your hands so that air enters it to take away all the moisture. It is true that doing this is quite cumbersome, however, it is always better than carrying something wet on your head. Besides, it will prevent the spread of bad smell caused by sweat.

Maintain it at the end of each ski season

When the ski season comes to an end, it’s time to put away your helmet and all the other ski items. But before that, remember to clean it well. In this sense, wash the interior with soap, water and a brush. In case you can remove it, send this internal surface to the machine and dry it before putting it back in its place. As for the outer surface, you just need to wipe a damp cloth over it and dry it.

Most popular brands

For your next vacation, you would like to ski. Only, you are missing one essential accessory for your safety: a suitable helmet. But if you don’t have one, it’s mainly because you don’t know which brand to turn to. All of them seem to offer quality articles, yet this is not always the case. In order to help you sort through all these brands, we invite you to discover our selection of the most reliable houses on the market.

Bollé is a brand created by a Frenchman named Séraphin Bollé. It is a brand known for its products filled with innovation. This, to make you benefit from the maximum comfort and aesthetics. Its history began 130 years ago with the manufacture of a material called celluloid. After this material, Bollé also produces molded nylon. These two materials will be used in the design of its product lines to offer maximum safety to its users. First the brand focused on safety glasses and then there were sunglasses and ski goggles. It was not until 2007 that he released his first range of helmets.

This sign was created towards the end of the 19th century. Its objective is to provide sports enthusiasts with glasses adapted to their activities. Several mountaineers as well as renowned figures have already adopted it. But if glasses are the products that launched her, these are not her only articles. Several ranges exist within the brand. Among them, you have sportswear as well as helmets that offer you maximum comfort even in the face of the most severe weather conditions.

The Salomon brand specializes in the manufacture of outdoor sports equipment such as outfits, shoes or even protective helmets. It has existed since 1947 and since this year, it has never stopped improving its techniques in these areas in order to bring you more security and freedom of movement. The goal of the brand is also to make you want to discover nature a little more every day so that you can break with your stressful daily life from time to time. In order to achieve this, Salomon uses all his imagination as well as his know-how.

The Rossignol brand specializes in the manufacture of sports equipment for all ages. Among these items, you have sports clothing, ski equipment, but also equipment related to snowboarding. Rossignol is a French brand that seeks above all to offer you the maximum comfort in each item you wear in order to allow you to achieve your goals. Beyond the elements related to sports activities, the brand also offers clothing items always incorporating this aspect of comfort. Although its ranges are numerous, quality is indeed present in each of them.

Board sports are what drives the K2 brand. It should be noted that the brand offers items suitable for mountain activities such as skiing, mountaineering, but also snowboarding. Each item produced by the brand has gone through several stages before reaching the market. First of all, there is the study of technical needs. More clearly, the articles on the market are tested in order to identify the problems most often experienced by athletes. It is only after that K2 works on the details in order to improve each product. Thus, K2 subscribers benefit from the best sliding equipment for their activities.

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