3 Best Hockey Sticks Reviews 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

The quality of a hockey stick is just as important to amateurs as it is to professional players. An unsuitable accessory can greatly affect shooting and technicality. So, to find the ideal equipment, let’s answer the question: how to choose the best hockey sticks of 2021? In this case, you have to focus on certain points such as size, materials and design. Always with the aim of helping you in your selection, we decide to guide you through the list of the most appreciated models on the market. First, there is the wood Kookaburra which is characterized by its manufacture reinforced with fiberglass. It is very solid. Then the Hudora 57403is made for adults due to its height of 125 cm. It offers good gaming experience.

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Wood kookaburra

If you are on this comparison, it is because you are looking for what is the best hockey stick on the market. No more need to complain, because we suggest quality products, including this model. Indeed, this one is very solid. Its wood construction and fiberglass coating allow it to withstand all shocks. Thus, it will keep its original state and will serve you for several parts.

Its laminate head is also robust. This helps you to make powerful shots. Maxi size, it offers you good dribbling. In other words, this is an item that will greatly improve the playability of its user.

Ergonomic, this equipment is light so that you can move it easily without providing a lot of energy. In addition, during the game, you will not be tired while playing with it. In addition, its pro contact handle guarantees you a better grip.

The Pros

Solid: What is the best brand of hockey sticks? To answer this question, you need to analyze the characteristics of the different models of signs on the market. Here, users have set their sights on Kookaburra. In their opinion, this wooden article would also be the most efficient. Covered in fiberglass, it is robust. As a result, he will be your ally for many years to come.

Ergonomic: This copy is easy to handle thanks to its lightness. Also, its pro contact handle makes it easy to handle.

The Cons

Lack of Descriptions: Some buyers were disappointed that they did not have more descriptions on the features of this product.

Hudora 57403

For users, this Hudora 57403 would be the best hockey stick. Precisely, it is well suited for seniors thanks to its height of 125 cm. You will therefore be very comfortable using it, because you do not need to bend too much during the game.

This model is also distinguished by its material of manufacture. Indeed, the reinforced ABS and the wooden handle give it great strength. Thus, you do not risk seeing it breaking from the first use. He will therefore accompany you for all your matches and training. In addition, thanks to this material, you will have no problem playing on ice or street hockey.

This item is otherwise thin and light. You can handle it with ease. In addition, you can better control the power of your shots.

The Pros

Size: If answering the question of where to buy the best hockey stick seems difficult, feel free to compare the different models on the market. Fortunately there is this classification to help you in your sorting. In particular, this Hudora 57403 is very popular with seniors for its size. Due to its height of 125 cm, you can play better. Gone are the days when you have to bend too much.

Construction Material: Made of reinforced ABS with a wooden handle, this item performs well for ice hockey and street hockey. It is also solid for long-term use.

The Cons

Finesse: According to users’ opinions, this article is much too thin for their liking.

Angel Sport 0713107

If you have not yet decided which hockey stick to adopt, we present this inexpensive model to you. You can buy it because of its good features. In fact, it is very practical due to its weight of 422g. You will not feel too much fatigue at the end of matches or training because it is very light. You can also use it to hit and shoot with more power. Plus, it’s portable so you can play anywhere.

Made with quality materials, this item is also sturdy. It will keep its good condition for a long time. Also, it is well suited for street hockey. With its dimensions of 92 x 11 x 3.5 cm, this model will be ideal for adults. On the aesthetic side, its blue color gives you a sporty look.

The Pros

Lightweight: To avoid lengthy research and immediately determine which hockey stick to choose, rely on the test carried out by users. Here, this Angel Sport Adults conquered them thanks to its low weight. At 422 g, its handling is easy and not tiring.

Durability: This product is the cheapest in our selection. Yet it is just as sturdy using its quality materials. You can therefore use it permanently.

The Cons

Size: For some players this item would be a bit short.

How do you choose a good hockey stick?

Today, even for amateur hockey, players are more and more demanding when it comes to lacrosse. It’s a bit normal, how can you go pro with unsuitable equipment? But, as an amateur, it is not always easy to make the right choice. In this article, we explain how to buy a better value hockey stick to improve your shot and gain technicality.

Purchase guide


Hockey sticks come in different sizes in a buying guide for the best hockey sticks generally, so it’s hard to sort through the whole lot. Just remember that on the length side, it should come under your chin when you are on your skates.

Children can add a margin of 10 to 15 cm to these measurements to be able to grow with them and save parents from buying a new stock after a few months.

If you really do not find one in your size, which is rare, and you think of shortening the one you have on hand, be aware that this may affect the flex of the butt. As a reminder, the flex is a level of rigidity of the neck conditioning different types of shots, depending on the style of play.


The terrain on which you will practice determines the materials with which your butt will be made. For roller or street hockey, on grass or indoors, wooden sticks seem better suited. On the other hand, on ice, prefer materials such as fiberglass, Kevlar or carbon composite. These models are also known to provide power in the shot with a semblance of flexibility. When buying your stock, therefore, pay attention to the percentage of each component.

The proportionality of the components is not enough to define the quality of a stock. It directly influences that of the instrument itself. You will see it in more than one online price comparison.


The design of a hockey stick depends on several elements. If you don’t know where to buy a new hockey stick, know that there are Right and Left models, that is, for left-handed and right-handed. It has mostly to do with shooting. If you are used to placing your right hand down while holding the butt, you need a Right one. And vice versa for the left.

When we talk about design for a hockey stick, we can not dismiss the subject of the different angles that compose it. The depth of curve for example, a shallow depth corrects a shot that is too high, while a large one results in better dribbling and shooting. Or the angle of the outfit. In dribbling, we move either with the puck away from the body, for a low lying angle, or medium lying down for a medium distance.

The shape of the point also influences the game. A rounded point improves the handling of the stock, on the other hand a more square version facilitates high shots. With these few tips, you’re ready to shop.

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